Fostering a Culture of Respect

The Department of Chemistry is committed to fostering a respectful workplace culture. We strive to cultivate a safe, inclusive and fair environment where our staff, faculty, researchers and students can thrive as they advance new chemical frontiers through research, innovation, collaboration and scholarship.

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Message from the Chair

Photo of Professor Steven Boxer
Steven G. Boxer Camille Dreyfus Professor of Chemistry Chair, Department of Chemistry

Welcome to the Chemistry Department! 

The students and faculty in our Department explore a broad range of atomic and molecular systems, create new forms of matter, and develop experimental and theoretical tools to understand and control the behavior of electrons, atoms, molecules and materials – to the benefit of science and society.  Some of our research groups focus on core aspects of physical and synthetic chemistry, while others explore open questions at the interface with materials science, energy science, catalysis, neuroscience, chemical biology, and biophysics.  We are dedicated to developing the next generation of scholars in the chemical sciences and building an inclusive learning environment. 

Our Department is located in close proximity to other Departments in the natural sciences - biology, physics, applied physics, statistics and mathematics - the Schools of Engineering and Medicine, as well many interdisciplinary centers and state-of-the-art shared facilities, making Stanford a rich environment for our students and faculty.  SLAC, housing the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lab, the ultra-fast x-ray laser and many other resources, are close by.  Our outstanding facilities and beautiful location south of San Francisco provide an exceptional environment for teaching and research.

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Recent News

Stanford researchers have engineered a biomolecule that selectively cuts sugar-coated proteins called mucins off cancer cells. (Image credit: Getty Images)

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Sapp Center Lecture Hall 114
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