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CMAD is accepting applications

The Center seeks individuals with an interest in collaborative research, who are motivated to develop original research projects and who aspire to work on multi-investigator problems in a multi-mentor format.

Graduate Student Application


CMAD seeks to encourage individuals of outstanding talent to pursue independent research problems in preparation for independent research careers. Fellows must be sponsored by at least two faculty members, one of whom must have an appointment in the Department of Chemistry. Two students working across two or more labs (with at least one in Chemistry) are also encouraged to apply. Fellows are selected on the basis of their scientific and academic achievement and the future promise of their scientific research.


CMAD will hold five meetings (bimonthly) each year in addition to an annual departmental symposium. Attendance at these events for all CMAD Fellows and faculty associated with the Center is mandatory. Bimonthly meetings will be held at 12 pm on the first Tuesday of every other month.

Application Guidelines

Applications are accepted from individuals at institutions around the world.
Applicants who are within the final year of their doctoral study are encouraged to apply.
Applicants must receive sponsorship from at least two research-active faculty members. At least one of the two must be a Department of Chemistry faculty member.
Applicants will prepare an independent research proposal outlining a research plan.

The research description should emphasize the need for collaboration between two or more research labs. The broader objectives of the proposed research should be clearly stated, as well as expected outcomes of the research plan and an estimated timeline for the proposed investigations. Proposals should be structured as follows:

  1. The proposal should be no longer than 6 single-sided pages in length (not including bibliography) with the following sections highlighted A) specific aims; B) background; C) significance; D) Innovation; E) research design. Type should be set in Arial 11 pt font with no less than 14 pt line spacing.
  2. Proposal submissions are considered on a rolling basis. Students receiving an award will begin their official appointment at the start of the Fall quarter.
  3. All proposals will be submitted as PDF files
  4. The applicant’s name, current institution, current e-mail address, date of Ph.D. award (expected), and Ph.D. advisor(s) should appear on a cover page along with the names of the supporting faculty at Stanford.
CMAD fellows will be appointed for 12 months and will be eligible for a one-year renewal.

Renewal requests require submission of an interim progress report no more than two pages in length and should be submitted. Renewal requests must be received prior to the final month of the first year.

Please forward the your application to Justin DuBois at

CMAD Fellows Responsibilities

A two-page research summary is required upon termination of the award.
  1. Research summaries should be no more than 2 single-sided pages in length and adhere to the standard formatting guidelines.
  2. Research summaries should clearly indicate all publications and patent applications that have resulted under the aegis of the award.
A formal oral presentation will be made at the termination of the award at one of the bimonthly Center meetings or at the annual Center symposium.
All CMAD Fellows are expected to attend bimonthly Center meetings. Absence at more than one of the five annual meetings and/or the symposium can be considered grounds for termination of the fellowship award.
  1. Bimonthly meetings will include short, informal talks from student, postdoctoral, and/or faculty Center participants. Speakers not directly affiliated with the Center may be occasionally asked to participate in these mini-lectures.
All CMAD Fellows are expected to participate in an annual symposium. Participation will include either oral and/or poster presentations of research achievements.
Funding from CMAD should be acknowledged on all publications and presentations co-authored by CMAD Fellows.
2nd Year CMAD Fellows are expected to take on leadership responsibilities.

CMAD Research Faculty Responsibilities

Research Faculty will make available to CMAD Fellows both laboratory space and equipment.
Research Faculty must attend and willingly participate in bimonthly meetings and the annual symposium. Absence at more than two of the six annual meetings may invalidate sponsorship of future CMAD Fellows.
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