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Incident Response and Reporting

Incident response

Stanford EH&S has compiled instructions on how to appropriately respond to accidents, injuries, and/or chemical spills that occur in lab on the EH&S website.

Incident reporting

Accidents, injuries, and major spills occurring in Stanford laboratories must be reported to Stanford using the SU-17 incident investigation report within 24 hours of the incident. This form documents the circumstances of the incident, as well as laboratory efforts to identify the root cause and corrective actions. SU-17 forms should be submitted to the chemistry-ehs [at] (EH&S Research Safety Specialist).

If your PI or supervisor is out of town or otherwise unable to immediately complete the form, submit the first page within 24 hours, and follow up with the second page when the PI/supervisor is available.

Medical care

For emergencies or after-hours injuries/illnesses, seek treatment at the Stanford Emergency Department.

For medical care after a non-emergency laboratory-related injury/illness, contact the Stanford University Occupational Health Center (SUOHC).

Chemistry Department Lessons Learned

For significant incidents in the department, Stanford EH&S works together with Chemistry department personnel to determine the cause and identify appropriate corrective measures. This information is then shared with the department as a Lessons Learned document.

A compilation of recent Lessons Learned.