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Other Resources

The Cardinal Green Labs program provides resources specifically tailored for laboratories to help them operate as sustainably as possible. 

Stanford offers a variety of resources and services to students, staff and faculty who are concerned about sexual harassment and other forms of misconduct.

All outgoing packages containing chemicals, biological materials, and/or dry ice require verification and approval before shipment.

Due to liability issues, the Department of Chemistry allows no unpaid workers, interns or volunteers.  Exceptions are those sponsored through University visitor appointments (Registrar’s office, Dean of Research, H&S Dean’s Office), or high school programs (RISE, IFSS, see below).

Students 16 to 18 years old

Currently the youth programs that are most popular among high school students looking specifically for training in the field of Chemistry, are RISE and the Chemistry department’s IFSS shadowing program (see links below).

Students younger than 16 years are prohibited from working in university laboratories (see link to EHS doc below).

RISE Summer Internship Program

IFSS Inspiring Future Students through Shadowing

Health & Safety Requirements for Minors in Laboratories at Stanford University


Crucial Conversations

March 1, 2 & 3, 2022
10 am-12 pm PT

Crucial Conversations gives people the skills to step into disagreement—rather than over or around it—and turn disagreement into dialogue for improved relationships and results..  For more information and to register, please visit Cardinal at Work.  

In addition to learning active listening skills, employees also have access LinkedIn Learning where similar resources are available.