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Helpful Stanford Resources

Stanford Bulletin

The Stanford Bulletin contains a complete and comprehensive listing of course descriptions and degree requirements for every department within the University. It contains University policies too. Available on the web:

The Stanford Daily

The Daily, as it is commonly known, is the university’s student newspaper. It is published daily, except weekends and during dead week (the week before finals) and finals week. During the summer quarter it’s published weekly. The Daily can be found at various locations around campus.

The Stanford Directory

This directory lists addresses and phone numbers for Stanford faculty and staff, as well as information on each department within the University and Stanford Hospital. It also contains a University information guide, dining guide, information on clubs, yellow pages, and wildly popular coupons. It is published by the ASSU and is generally available in mid-November. Personal copies (one per student) are available from the Chemistry Dept. Student Services (see Roger). Additional copies can be purchased at the Stanford Bookstore.


A place to buy and sell items; similar to Craig’s List. You will also find: personals, housing, jobs, community, and services.

Graduate Student Handbook

Although there is no longer a Handbook printed, there are many web pages containing information on campus life, including: International Center, Career Development, Center for Teaching and Learning, Financial Aid, Graduate Life, Registrar, Libraries, Student Financial Services, Ombuds, Vaden Health Center and more.


Wellness Education Courses and Workshops: