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Tax Statements from the University

W-2 forms from Payroll are disseminated in late January. If you do not receive your form by February 1st, you may submit a help ticket to payroll ( and they will issue a duplicate form. Only students on payroll (those receiving semi-monthly checks) will receive W-2 forms from Payroll & Records.

U.S. citizens and permanent residents who receive fellowship stipend checks (quarterly, lump sums from which taxes were not withheld) will not receive W-2s. These stipends are taxable but are not subject to withholding or reporting by Stanford (see IRS web site, 1040 ES form and State of California, 540 ES form). Tuition is not taxable for degree seeking students, but it is tax reportable for non-degree seeking students, e.g., postdocs.

International students who received fellowship stipends (quarterly lump sums) and were subject to withholding will receive a summary from the Controller’s office in March. This will not be a W-2 (report of wages), because fellowship stipends are not payroll salaries. Instead, it will be a 1042-S listing your scholarship/fellowship and taxes withheld. If you do not receive the 1042-S form by March 15, you should contact Travel and Reimbursement.

International students from tax treaty countries and who are claiming exemption from taxes based on the treaty will be receiving 1042-S forms by March 15 and should report these earnings. This applies to either salary or stipend amounts.

There are special seminars held in March and April for international students to help in figuring out which tax forms to file. Check the Bechtel International Center’s website for information.