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Chemistry Department Student Services team members, as well as faculty and peer advisors are available to help current and prospective chemistry majors and minors with questions and guidance throughout undergraduate study.

Undergraduate Peer Advisors

Our peer advisors are advanced undergraduates majoring in Chemistry who have offered to be available for advice on course loads, creating a four-year plan, finding tutoring or research opportunities, and more.

India Cox


Dante Dullas

Undergraduate Student Services

The undergraduate staff advisor is available to help students with administrative questions and processes, related to coursework transfers, requirements for the major, course schedules, research, grants, the departmental honors program, and more. All declared Chemistry majors have an academic file in the Student Services Office.

Roger L. Kuhn

Student Services Manager
Office: Mudd 121-A
Phone: (650) 723-1525

Undergraduate Studies Committee

Questions and concerns about department policy and standing may be directed to Professor Chidsey, the Chair of the Undergraduate Studies Committee. Questions specifically about organic chemistry courses and/or transfer credit for organic courses should go to Dr. Brennan.

Christopher Chidsey

Associate Professor of Chemistry
Undergraduate Studies Committee Chair
Office: Stauffer II, Room 103
Phone: (650) 725-1751

Megan Brennan

Lecturer, Chemistry
Undergraduate Studies Committee Member
Office: Sapp Center, room 315
Phone: (650) 723-5586