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As a CMAD Fellow at Stanford, I carried out some of the most exciting research of my career. Our work addressed mysteries that had been in the literature for decades, and involved the application of cutting edge analytical physical chemistry techniques to questions at the forefront of organometallic methodology development -- disciples where cross-disciplinary collaboration may be rare. This unique collaboration captured the imaginations of other scientists as they decided who to interview for faculty positions, and, made it possible for me to get to know Professors Zare and Du Bois, who remain my roll models and mentors. I suspect this research made it possible for me to land my dream job as a faculty member at Duke.
Jennifer Roizen
Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Duke University
CMAD provided a way to learn about research beyond my own group, and to find sometimes unexpected areas of overlap in scientific questions or new tools to advance my projects.
Gabriela Schlau-Cohen
Assistant Professor of Chemistry at MIT
The diverse expertise offered by an interdisciplinary collaboration will allow me to branch out and explore new questions within my research area. The CMAD fellowship has made this continued collaboration possible
Matt Romei
CMAD Fellow
CMAD has opened my eyes as to what other science is being done on campus, and where perhaps my skill set in organic chemistry could have an impact. I don’t think that I would be doing the research I’m doing now if I didn’t have the information and help that I got from the collaborations [that CMAD initiated].
James Walker
Scientist in Process Development at SAFC
Participating in CMAD provided a forum to not only share science, but also interact with others carrying out interdisciplinary research. Learning how to manage an interdisciplinary project was highly beneficial for my PhD and is a skill I will definitely utilize in my future career
Emily Hollenbeck
CMAD Fellow
CMAD has enriched my research experience by bringing together a group of scientists with diverse expertise. Drawing from our collective background, we have come to advance the understanding of our system in a way that would otherwise not be possible.
Keri McKiernan
CMAD Fellow
CMAD enabled me to combine the expertise of two research groups - catalysis in the Waymouth Group and environmental engineering in the Criddle Group - to work on solving really interesting problems, namely the synthesis and characterization of biopolymers from methanotrophic bacteria. CMAD, through its regular meetings, also opened my eyes to a diverse range of research happening both in my department and elsewhere on campus. I encourage any chemistry student interested in conducting collaborative research to apply for a CMAD fellowship.
James Flanagan
Teacher of Chemistry, Brighton College UK
CMAD gives me the opportunity to work collaboratively with Naomi Clayman in the Waymouth group on conductive metallo-polymers. This opportunity greatly expands the scope of my research and allows me to work on new materials that I would not have otherwise encountered in my research field. CMAD also exposes me to a network of talented students, faculty, and alumni whose valuable insight and experiences enrich my graduate school experience.
Mary Anne Manumpil
CMAD Fellow
CMAD provided me the opportunity to present my research to an audience with diverse backgrounds. The varied interests of everyone involved gave me insights I would not otherwise have had, since there are so many different approaches to problem-solving within the group. CMAD also honed my presentation skills, as I was forced to present my research to people in several different fields in a comprehensible way.
Tim MacKenzie
CMAD Fellow
I joined CMAD in my second year because as my project evolved, I continued to conduct research that required the expertise of both the Waymouth and Zare Labs. I find that meeting with other students that are engaged in collaborative projects is a great experience—I have been introduced to students in the Chemistry Department and become acquainted with their diverse projects because of CMAD. Learning about other projects and getting feedback from across the department helps me gain new perspectives on my work.
Katherine Walker
CMAD Fellow