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Teacher Resources

Classroom and Professional Development Resources for High School and K–5 Teachers

Please use the links below to explore additional resources and opportunities for science teachers.

ChemEx2 – Chemistry Experiences and Experiments for Learning

In the ChemEx2 Program, local high school teachers work with a set of chemistry experiences and experiments –designed and vetted by the Stanford Department of Chemistry in conjunction with high school chemistry teachers and science educators – to foster student learning and expand high-leverage, core teaching practices in chemistry. Participants develop a plan for their own classrooms that address the science learning goals in the NGSS and Common Core State Standards. Follow-up days during the academic year provide additional support

Summer Research Programs for Teachers

Stanford’s Summer Research Program for Teachers (SRPT) offers eight-week research fellowships for teachers of middle school and high school who teach in the San Francisco Bay Area. Teachers work in a Stanford lab four days a week, and meet once a week as a group for science and engineering lectures by Stanford faculty, lab tours, and seminars on teaching. There are often opportunities for fellowships within the chemistry department – applications generally come due at the end of March.

Public Lectures and Events

Stanford offers many free lectures for the general public on science and engineering topics that are delivered by Stanford's top researchers in terms understandable to the lay public. Examples include the SLAC Lecture Series and the Summer Science Lecture Series. Many of these talks are captured on either video or audio tapes and are available on Stanford iTunes . (iTunes must be installed on your computer to access the lectures this way.)

Teacher Development

Check out Stanford’s Chemical Education page for more general information on Safety training for students and teachers, Chemistry specific pedagogy and teaching strategies, Mentorship and our TA training programs.

DealHack Teacher Discounts List

The Dealhack Teacher Discounts List is the result of our quarterly survey of brands that offer discounts to teachers. Every three months we independently verify each and every store on this list.

The list, which is broken down into 19 categories, can be downloaded and used as the ultimate reference guide to teacher savings.