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At-home chemistry kits allow students to create lab experiences remotely By Sandra Feder
Aug 5 2020 | SLAC
Scientists are deploying this state-of-the-art X-ray crystallography facility to study biological molecules related to the COVID-19 pandemic. BY NATHAN COLLINS There’s a new bright spot at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource: Beam Line 12-1, an experimental station devoted to determining...
Jul 30 2020 | Stanford News
President Marc Tessier-Lavigne has appointed Patrick H. Dunkley, deputy athletic director, and Claude M. Steele, a professor emeritus of psychology, as co-chairs of the Community Board on Public Safety, which is expected to hold its first meeting in early fall quarter. BY KATHLEEN J. SULLIVAN
Jul 29 2020 | Stanford News
Stanford chemists have developed a new tool that shuttles unwanted cell surface proteins to their deaths. BY REBECCA MCCLELLAN
Jul 21 2020 | Stanford News
This device offers a significantly faster and easier method for detecting ammonia levels in blood, which can reach dangerous levels in people with certain diseases and genetic conditions. BY TAYLOR KUBOTA
For continued wide ranging contributions to the development of new synthetic methods employing transition metal catalysts, and the application of these methods to the efficient (atom economic), asymmetric synthesis of complex targets of biological interest.   "To be selected as an awardee bestows...
Jun 8 2020 | SLAC
Researchers expect the new method to answer fundamental questions in biology and materials science. First up: Images showing molecules that help guide cell division in bacteria. By Glennda Chui
May 26 2020 | ChEM-H
ChEM-H graduate students reveal how the forest of sugars on a cell’s surface could help in the defense against flu infection. BY REBECCA MCCLELLAN The flu virus relies on using human cells to reproduce and spread. But before it even gets to the cell surface, the virus must navigate the tall, dense...