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Jul 19 2021 | Stanford Energy
By Andrew Myers A “tantalizing” principle borrowed from nature turns harmful methane into useful methanol at room temperature. A team of researchers from Stanford University and the University of Leuven in Belgium has further elucidated the process in a new study in the current edition of Science.
Jun 16 2021
The Department is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2021 Linus Pauling Teaching Award! Congratulations to Kerry Betz, Dory DeWeese, Natalie Giese, and Annina Sartor! Awardees have demonstrated excellence in student teaching,  We thank you for your stellar work, dedication, and leadership...
Jun 2 2021 | Stanford News
Stanford has announced the winners of the 2021 Cuthbertson, Dinkelspiel and Gores awards honoring faculty, students and staff. The winners will be publicly recognized on June 13, during the Commencement ceremony for the Senior Class of 2021. BY KATHLEEN J. SULLIVAN Stanford has announced the...
May 18 2021 | Stanford News
A newfound biomolecule, consisting of RNA modified by sugars, could be present in all forms of life and might contribute to autoimmune disease. By Adam Hadhazy  Stanford researchers have discovered a new kind of biomolecule that could play a significant role in the biology of all living things.
May 11 2021 | PBS
Before COVID-19, tuberculosis was the world's deadliest infectious disease. Though rare in the United States, the disease is prevalent in many parts of the world and kills millions. John Yang tells us of one scientist's journey to the discovery both of a new tool to fight TB, and of her own...
Feb 25 2021 | Posted In: In the News
By Thuy Dam   Dr. Marion Martin, Assistant Teaching Professor, North Carolina State University (NC State) currently teaches Gen Chem I and II.  He helped to develop and now leads the course "Introduction to Graduate Studies – Professional Development."  This course helps students get acclimated to...
This chemist wants to find a small molecule to encourage the production of fetal hemoglobin to help people with the disease—including herself By Nicholas St. Fleur As a child growing up in Monrovia, Liberia, Laura M. K. Dassama would run around and play sports with the neighborhood kids. But for...
Feb 12 2021 | Stanford News
A new collection at Stanford Libraries will highlight Black Americans who helped transform California’s Silicon Valley region into a hub for innovation, ideas. BY MELISSA DE WITTE While there have been a number of extraordinary Black Americans who have helped transform Silicon Valley into a global...
"For the development and application of methods to efficiently treat ground and excited state quantum dynamics in condensed phase systems." 2021 Physical Chemistry Division Awards
Jan 8 2021 | SLAC
These fleeting disruptions, seen for the first time in lead hybrid perovskites, may help explain why these materials are exceptionally good at turning sunlight into electrical current in solar cells. BY GLENNDA CHUI