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We are excited to announce a new K–5 branch of our outreach program!
We hope to inspire young students to ask questions about the world around them. All of our events are designed to foster deductive reasoning and creative thinking.

We hold two types of events for K–5 students:
Science Saturday/Sunday
We host Science Saturday/Sunday programs at schools and community centers across the Bay Area. These events are generally 2–3 hours long, and we ask that all students are accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Our undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral volunteers will set up 4–6 activity stations. At each station, we will run short, hands-on experiments with students. Our most popular activities include making slime, making color-changing (UV light-sensitive) bracelets, and making invisible ink.

Classroom Visits
During these hour-long visits, our graduate and postdoctoral volunteers will lead students in 1–2 hands-on experiments. Our lessons emphasize the scientific method: we will guide students through the process of generating a hypothesis, testing that hypothesis, and drawing conclusions. Students will also have the opportunity to ask our volunteers about life as a scientist.

Additional Resources:

Please find below additional resources for students, parents and K-12 educators that may be helpful in the virtual environment:

To schedule an event at your school, please contact us. 

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