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Undergraduate Program


Dear Students,

Following COVID-19 virus guidelines and in consultation with the University, the Chemistry Department will cancel its combined lecture/laboratory classes Chemistry 33 (33) and Chemistry 121 (121) for spring quarter of 2020. 

The critical hands-on experience for both laboratory procedures and safety training cannot be obtained adequately from virtual experiences resulting in potentially unsafe working environments in subsequent laboratory classes.  Experiencing chemistry in the laboratory along with the lecture creates a superior learning environment in our experience.  For safety, pedagogical, and resource reasons, we have decided not to uncouple the lecture and laboratory components.  To provide students with the best experience possible for these courses, the spring offerings of 33 and 121 will be shifted to the Autumn quarter. The subsequent chemistry courses in the sequence will also be shifted next year to ensure students can continue with minimal disruptions to academic careers. For the following academic year only, here are the shifted chemistry lecture/lab courses that will be offered:

          From Spring 2020 to Autumn 2020:  33, 121

          From Autumn 2020 to Winter 2021:  121, 123, 124

          From Winter 2021 to Spring 2021:   126, 141  

Students anticipating enrollment in 33 in Spring 2020 should consider the following course sequence for AY20-21: 33 (A), 121 (W), 141 (S). 

To provide maximum flexibility in academic year 2020/2021, 33 and 121 will be offered in all quarters.  In addition, 33 and 121 are offered regularly during the 8 week Summer session (4 weeks each, back-to-back). We hope that one of these alternative options will accommodate your schedule. Please reach out to your academic advisors if you have any questions about your academic planning. In the meantime, we hope that you are safe and are sheltering in place. 


Undergraduate study in chemistry provides a broad grounding in this central science, an excellent foundation for any career pursuit benefitting from scientific insight – from materials and energy to biomedicine, policy and law, and so much more.

Browse these pages to learn more about pursuing undergraduate study in chemistry, requirements for the major, research opportunities, and advising and other student resources. See also the Stanford Bulletin entry for the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry for detailed course requirements and options, and sample schedules of coursework to complete the major.