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Synthesis Supergroup

About the Group

The Department of Chemistry's Synthesis Supergroup was established with the aim of enhancing communication and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration among research groups. It serves as a platform for students to expand their understanding of chemistry beyond their research areas. Participation is open to all students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty members within the department, and refreshments are provided at each meeting.

The Synthesis Supergroup convenes bi-monthly, offering students the chance to engage in problem-solving and discuss research hurdles. Sessions are led by rotating students who curate problem sets for discussion. Meetings feature structured group problem-solving sessions, literature reviews, and synthesis challenges.

Contact Information

Please contact Martin Acosta Parra (maa98 [at] (maa98[at]stanford[dot]edu)) or Chris Codogni (ccodogni [at] (ccodogni[at]stanford[dot]edu)) for information about joining the group.