Art-Chemistry Colloquium: "Chemistry and Film: Experiments in Living"

Art-Chemistry Colloquium: "Chemistry and Film: Experiments in Living"
Fri October 18th 2019, 1:00 - 3:30pm
Oshman Hall, McMurtry Building

Join us for Chemistry and Film: Experiments in Living, a symposium jointly sponsored by the Departments of Art and Art History and Chemistry at Stanford. Reception to follow. 

How has the practice of chemistry been depicted in movies, from Hollywood features to high school training documentaries of the 1950s and '60s? What are the ways that moments of discovery—Eureka!—and the persona of the chemist have been shown? How has the chemistry of film itself been understood? And when it is said that two actors on screen have great “chemistry,” what exactly does this mean? This symposium invites a broad range of reflections on these and kindred topics. Featuring:

Uwe Bergmann, Distinguished Staff Scientist, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory: X-ray Fluorescence Imaging of Ancient Manuscripts: From Archimedes of Syracuse to Galen of Pergamon

Scott Bukatman, Professor, Film and Media Studies: Color, Alchemy, and The Nutty Professor: Buddy Loving Through Chemistry

Shane Denson, Assistant Professor, Film and Media Studies: Frankenstein, Film, and Chemistry

Vince Pane, Ph.D. student, Chemistry: Special Effects: How the Reality of Chemistry Creates the Foundation of Fantasy

Jack Reidy, Research Safety Specialist, Environmental Health & Safety: No, You Don’t Get Superpowers: What Really Happens After A Chemical Spill

Adam Tobin, Senior Lecturer, Film and Media Studies: Breaking Bad: Cooking up an Antihero

Image: The Story of Louis Pasteur (1935). Directed by William Dieterle. Photofest.

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Chemistry Department, Department of Art & Art History
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