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Yi Cui

Yi Cui

Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, of Photon Science, Senior Fellow at the Precourt Institute for Energy and Prof, by courtesy, of Chemistry


Cui studies nanoscale phenomena and their applications broadly defined. Research Interests: Nanocrystal and nanowire synthesis and self-assembly, electron transfer and transport in nanomaterials and at the nanointerface, nanoscale electronic and photonic devices, batteries, solar cells, microbial fuel cells, water filters and chemical and biological sensors.


Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
Professor, Photon Science Directorate
Senior Fellow, Precourt Institute for Energy
Professor (By courtesy), Chemistry
Member, Bio-X
Affiliate, Precourt Institute for Energy
Member, Stanford Neurosciences Institute

Honors & Awards

David Filo and Jerry Yang Faculty Scholar, Stanford University (2010-2014)
Sloan Research Fellowship, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (2010)
Investigator Award, KAUST (2008)
Young Investigator Award, ONR (2008)
Innovators Award, MDV (2008)
Terman Fellowship, Stanford University (2008)
Top 100 Young Innovator Award, Technology Review (2004)
Miller Research Fellowship, Miller Institute (2003)
Distinguished Graduate Student Award in Nanotechnology, Foresight Institute (2002)
Graduate Student Gold Medal Award, Materials Research Society (2001)

Professional Education

PhD, Harvard University (2002)