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Richard Andrew Ogg, Jr.

Richard Andrew Ogg, Jr. (1909–1962) (Stanford University)

Richard Andrew Ogg, Jr.

Professor of Chemistry


An avid outdoorsman and a member of the Stanford faculty from 1935 to 1962, Richard Andrew Ogg studied broad interests in physical chemistry, with special attention to reaction kinetics in gases and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. In the latter, he was among the first to recognize the important of chemical shift and its utility in determining organic molecular structure.

Professor Ogg was born in Victor, Colorado in 1909. He completed both undergraduate and graduate studies in chemistry at Stanford University (BS 1929, MS 1930, PhD 1932). His doctoral research under Professor Philip Leighton examined the photochemical behavior of liquid ammonia systems. After graduation, he took research fellowships at Harvard University, then Manchester, England, before returning to Stanford as an instructor in 1934. He became assistant professor in 1937, associate professor in 1942, and full professor in chemistry in 1947 through his retirement to emeritus status in 1962.

Memorial Resolution: Richard Andrew Ogg, Jr.

Professional Education

PhD, Chemistry, Stanford University (1932)
MS, Chemistry, Stanford University (1930)
BS, Chemistry, Stanford University (1929)