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Chemical Education

Heidi Vollmer-Snarr

Dr. Vollmer-Snarr develops curricula, oversees instrumentation, and teaches organic and biological chemistry courses at Stanford’s Department of Chemistry. Her research interests include using GC–MS to understand chemical mechanisms of biological processes. She also uses biological mechanisms to teach fundamental organic chemistry in the classroom and laboratory, as well as in textbooks and online. Dr. Vollmer-Snarr is a co-author of organic chemistry textbooks and online organic chemistry resource materials.

Charlie Cox

Dr. Charlie Cox’s primary interests lie in the field of chemical education, and in bringing cutting-edge science into the undergraduate classroom. He focuses on methods to promote active learning in organic and general chemistry, targeting improvements in problem solving, critical thinking and retention.

Megan Brennan

Dr. Megan Brennan's interests include the development of organic chemistry lab courses that give students hands-on opportunities to explore chemistry while reinforcing and building upon concepts learned in lecture classes. She aims for her labs to bring chemistry to life, and to afford students a chance to have fun and experience a taste of scientific discovery.

Jennifer Schwartz Poehlmann

Reaching out to Stanford’s diverse body of students and beyond to share the excitement of scientific discovery has been a growing passion for Dr. Jennifer Schwartz Poehlmann. In addition to coordinating and co-teaching Stanford’s freshmen chemistry sequence, she takes a leadership role in developing training programs for teaching assistants and enhancing classroom and lab experiences for undergraduates, while also providing STEM learning opportunities for incoming freshmen and local high school students.

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