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Daniel Herschlag

Daniel Herschlag

Professor of Biochemistry and, by courtesy, of Chemical Engineering and of Chemistry
RNA and protein enzymes; RNA folding; cellular behavior of RNA/protein complexes


The overarching goal of the Herschlag Lab is to understand the fundamental behavior of RNA and proteins and, in turn, how these behaviors determine and impact biology more broadly. We are particularly interested in questions of how enzymes work, how RNA folds, how proteins recognize RNA, and the roles of RNA/protein interactions in regulation and control, and the evolution of molecules and molecular interactions. The lab takes an interdisciplinary approach, spanning and integrating physics, chemistry and biology, and employing a wide range of techniques.


Professor, Biochemistry
Professor (By courtesy), Chemistry
Professor (By courtesy), Chemical Engineering
Member, Bio-X
Member, Stanford Cancer Institute
Faculty Fellow, Stanford ChEM-H

Other Appointments

Senior Associate Dean of Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs, School of Medicine (2011 - 2015)

Honors & Awards

Scholar, James B. Angell (Michigan; 1978, 1979)
Phi Beta Kappa, Michigan (1979)
Award in Biochemistry, American Institute of Chemists (SUNY; 1982)
Award for Excellence in Biochemistry, SUNY (1982)
Fellowship, Gillette Foundation (Brandeis; 1986-1987)
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Helen Hay Whitney (Colorado; 1989-1990)
Scholar in Biomedical Science, Lucille P. Markey (1990-1997)
Scholar, Searle (1993-1996)
Fellowship in Science and Engineering, David and Lucile Packard (1995-2000)
Pfizer Award for Enzyme Chemistry, ACS (1997)

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