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Tom Markland promoted to associate professor of chemistry

Tom Markland

Professor Tom Markland

Jul 13 2018

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Congratulations to Professor Tom Markland on his promotion to Associate Professor with tenure.

Professor Markland received his D.Phil. in Chemistry from the University of Oxford and joined the department of Chemistry at Stanford in 2011 after postdoctoral work at Columbia University. Professor Markland’s research group focuses on developing methods to improve the accuracy and efficiency of simulations in the condensed phase and using them to explore themes such as hydrogen bonding, the interplay between structure and dynamics, systems with multiple time and length-scales, and quantum mechanical effects. This has led to applications to proton and electron transfer in materials and enzymatic systems, atmospheric isotope separation, and the control of catalytic chemical reactivity in heterogeneous environments.

Since starting at Stanford, Professor Markland has been awarded a Research Corporation Cottrell Scholarship, Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship, Terman Fellowship, Hellman Faculty Scholarship, the ACS OpenEye Outstanding Junior Faculty Award, the Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar award, the H&S Dean's Award for Distinguished Teaching and the NSF CAREER award.