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Dec 13 2017 | Stanford News | Posted In: Announcements, Faculty, In the News
by Nathan Collins on December 12, 2017 4:15 pm A new home for interdisciplinary life sciences at Stanford, set to open in mid-2019, reached an important milestone on Friday when workers put the building’s highest steel beam in place, an event known as “topping out.”
Dec 1 2017 | Stanford News | Posted In: Announcements, Faculty, In the News
In fall of 2014, chemist Paul Wender offered the introductory seminar Science Innovation and Communication. He had never taught a so-called IntroSem before, but after hearing about his colleagues’ fondness for these small classes for first-year students, he decided to create one focused on how...
Dec 1 2017 | Science | Posted In: Faculty, In the News
"Selective increase in CO2 electroreduction activity at grain-boundary surface terminations" Ruperto G. Mariano, Kim McKelvey, Henry S. White, Matthew W. Kanan
Nov 13 2017 | Posted In: Announcements, Faculty
Tenured Professor, Theoretical Chemistry Department of Chemistry, Stanford University
Nov 1 2017 | Posted In: Faculty
By Stefanie Pietkiewicz   Professor Todd Martinez is leading a Molecular Theory and Simulation Program at Stanford, which aims to foster interdisciplinary collaboration for the design of molecular structures. In this interview, he discusses his experience growing up in Central America, lifelong...