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Feb 16 2017 | Stanford Report | Posted In: Faculty, In the News, Students
A collaboration between chemists and gene therapy experts produced a new way of inserting the code for modified proteins into the cells of mice. If successful in humans, the technique could be useful for vaccines or cancer therapies.
Feb 8 2017 | Stanford Report | Posted In: Faculty, In the News
A new low-cost, high-performance battery could provide an inexpensive storage solution for solar power, which is abundant during the day but must be stored for use at night. A battery made with urea, commonly found in fertilizers and mammal urine, could provide a low-cost way of storing energy...
Sep 23 2016 | Stanford Report | Posted In: Announcements, In the News
Old Chemistry, one of Stanford's historical and most beloved building, will reopen later this fall as the Sapp Center for Science Teaching and Learning. In recognition of the Sapp family's generous gift, Old Chem will be renamed for Shari and Rick Sapp, '78, and their family.
Sep 20 2016 | Stanford Report | Posted In: Announcements, Faculty, In the News
A team of Stanford chemists led by Professor Ed Solomon, the Monroe E. Spaght Professor in the School of Humanities and Sciences and Professor of Photon Science, and graduate student, Benjamin Snyder, has unraveled a longstanding mystery that brings them one step closer to a cleaner, more energy-...
Jun 14 2016 | Chemical & Engineering News | Posted In: Announcements, Awards, Faculty, In the News
Congratulations to Professor Brauman on winning the Parsons Award. This award is given in recognition of outstanding public service by a member of the American Chemical Society.