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Apr 25 2018
Congratulations to undergraduate Isabel Goronzy, who was awarded the J.E. Wallace Sterling Award for Scholastic Achievement!
Apr 19 2018 | Stanford News | Posted In: Faculty
The discovery that water microdroplets can replace potentially toxic agents in the creation of gold nanoparticles and nanowires could help usher in a new era of “green chemistry.” By Ker Than An experiment that, by design, was not supposed to turn up anything of note instead produced a “bewildering...
Apr 13 2018 | Posted In: Announcements, Awards, Staff
Congratulations to Charlie Cox, a lecturer in the Department of Chemistry, who was recently awarded a 2018 H&S Dean's Award for Achievements in Teaching. This award recognizes faculty and lecturers whose record of the past year shows particular accomplishments in teaching, defined broadly to...
Apr 2 2018 | Chemistry World | Posted In: In the News
Greater openness and a growing acceptance that sexual harassment is a problem at universities is helping more victims than ever before to come forward. But there are still obstacles to overcome when reporting harassment and not all institutes are facing up to the problem. At the American Chemical...
Apr 2 2018 | Posted In: Faculty, In the News
In the March 2018 edition of The Pathologist, William Aryitey sat down with Professor Carolyn Bertozzi to talk about her career in chemistry and the digital direction of pathology. Read the full story on The Pathologist.