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Professor Noah Burns Receives 2017 Amgen Young Investigators' Award

Noah Burns
Noah Burns
May 17 2017

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Noah Burns, an assistant professor of chemistry at Stanford University, has been selected as a winner of the 2017 Amgen Young Investigators' Award. 

Burns is one of five recipients nationwide of the Amgen Young Investigators' Award, which recognizes young researchers whose scientific contributions and commitment to academic excellence greatly impact the field of drug discovery. In addition to a cash award for unrestricted research, Burns will have the opportunity to present a lecture at the Amgen Young Investigators Symposium taking place on October 4, 2017.

His research explores the boundaries of modern organic synthesis to more rapidly create species of the highest molecular complexity. Projects in the Burns Lab take particular inspiration from natural products, not only for their importance as synthetic targets, but also for their potential to identify important unaswered scientific questions.