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Bianxiao Cui to Receive 2018 Bárány Young Investigator Award from the Biophysical Society

Bianxiao Cui
Aug 2 2017

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Bianxiao Cui, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Stanford University, will receive the Michael and Kate Bárány Award from the Biophysical Sciety. She will be honored at the Society’s 62nd Annual Meeting at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California on Tuesday, February 20, during the Awards Symposium. She will also give a short talk at that time. 
Cui is being recognized for her innovative combination of microfluidics, optogenetics, mechanical and electrical perturbations to interrogate the movements of single proteins and membranes in neurons. The award is intended to recognize an outstanding contribution to biophysics by a person who has not achieved the rank of full professor at the time of nomination.  
About the Biophysical Society
The Biophysical Society, founded in 1958, is a professional, scientific Society established to encourage development and dissemination of knowledge in biophysics. The Society promotes growth in this expanding field through its annual meeting, monthly journal, and committee and outreach activities. Its 9000 members are located throughout the U.S. and the world, where they teach and conduct research in colleges, universities, laboratories, government agencies, and industry.  For more information on these awards, the Society, or the 2018 Annual Meeting, visit