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Job Opportunities for Graduate Students & Postdocs

Stanford SSRL

Research Laboratory Manager

Posted: 6/4/2018

The Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource (SSRL, a Directorate of SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory), a national scientific user facility, has an immediate opening for an experienced Life Science Research Professional (LSRP).

In this position you will work closely with visiting scientist users, graduate students and postdocs, and SSRL staff, to support them in achieving their scientific goals and to facilitate cutting-edge synchrotron x-ray and cryo-electron microscopy (cryoEM) based research. You will join a team that supports several user and staff laboratories, and a wide range of science.  There is strong emphasis on high-level service orientation, meeting user needs, varied levels of technical/scientific communication, high organizational skills, and an ability to work independently in a fast-paced environment. 

Please apply on the SLAC Careers website (Job Number 3218).


Educational Testing Service

Freelance Contributor

Posted: 5/2/2018

Educational Testing Service is searching for highly qualified, freelance contributors to locate published materials for use on a high-stakes college entrance exam. Freelance contributors locate and submit excerpts from published science or social science writing that is suitable for a general audience. A master's degree with research experience in a scientific or social scientific field is preferred. Teaching experience and experience working with quantitative data are also preferred. Freelance contributors work off-site and are paid on a per-unit basis.

Interested individuals should find and submit a short (approximately 750 words) sample text that they believe would be suitable for testing critical reading skills. The sample should NOT be a self-generated piece of writing, but rather an excerpt from a published source. The sample should discuss recent experimental research in a scientific or social scientific field. It should exemplify writing that exhibits a level of complexity comparable to what would be encountered in college, and it should be engaging to an academically diverse group of readers. The sample will be used to evaluate the applicant’s potential for passage finding; it is not intended for possible inclusion on an actual test. The sample passage should be submitted along with a CV to

Next Energy Technologies, Inc.

Chemistry - Synthetic Organic Chemistry (B.S.)

Next Energy Technologies (NEXT) is looking for entry level chemists to join our organic synthesis team. We are seeking highly motivated new graduates who are excited at the prospect of carrying out multi-step organic synthesis in an R&D setting. NEXT is a startup developing game-changing semi-transparent photovoltaic windows. Successful applicants can expect exceptional opportunities and an exciting work environment where passion, teamwork, and results are core values. Previous experience in a research lab is highly desired but not required.

To apply for this position e-mail a resume of your background and qualifications to:


Postdoctoral Fellow

Our team: 

We are a small team of molecular biologists in Google Accelerated Science (, working closely with a larger team of computational research scientists, software engineers, and mathematicians. The GAS team actively investigates new scientific challenges that can be transformed with innovative computation and machine learning. Our lab develops innovative protocol pipelines to dramatically accelerate scientific research. We strive to maintain a flexible scope on a wide range of potential projects. We have established an in-house wet laboratory to help run experiments, test model predictions, and develop new automated high throughput techniques to accelerate our research. Your responsibilities will include experimental scientific design, protocol development, mentorship of laboratory technicians and providing a biological and/or chemical viewpoint during data analysis discussions. Your role will consist of designing and executing novel biochemical and molecular biology protocols in the laboratory, which will contribute to the advancement of our team’s predictive mathematical models. In addition, you will design quality control assays to verify results, and transition optimized protocols to automated pipelines. Our work is fast-paced and changes often, so we are looking for a person who is flexible, meticulous and excited to grow. A previous background in any of the following would be significantly beneficial: biochemistry, molecular biology and/or protein engineering. 

Start date: Spring 2018, 1 year fixed term contract with a 3 month evaluation check-in; potential to extend for a second year

Interested candidates: please apply by emailing CVs/resumes to Tiffany Ly ( with the subject title name: GAS Lab Postdoctoral Fellow



Summer Co-op/Intern Position

This is a great opportunity for PhD students, grad students or undergrads to get industry experience and learn new biophysical techniques. I'm looking for a student from the Chemistry or Chemical Engineering department with background in interfacial science and/or fluorescence spectroscopy. The student will be co-mentored by me and another scientist in my department that is an expert in interfacial science.

The project will be about protein aggregation due to interfacial stress at silicone oil interfaces in pre-filled syringes. The student will study this with imaging flow cytometry, other fluorescence/non-fluorescence imaging techniques and interfacial techniques such as surface tension, rheology, confocal microscopy etc.

Interested candidates please email Miguel Saggu at