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Student Hosted Colloquia: Professor Paul Alivisatos, University of California, Berkeley

March 20, 2017 -
4:30pm to 5:30pm
Sapp Center Lecture Hall

Student Hosted Colloquia: Professor Paul Alivisatos, University of California, Berkeley, Sapp Center Lecture Hall, 4:30pm (Host: Devleena Samata)

About the Seminar:

"Colloidal quantum dot light emitters: from fundamental discoveries to applications as light emitters"

Since their discovery, colloidal quantum dots have been a proving ground for understanding the scaling laws that describe how nanomaterials  depend upon size and shape.  In the last ten years, a great deal of effort has gone into the deployment of quantum dots as light emitters, first for biological  imaging applications,  and more recently in displays.  This talk will review aspects of this journey, and then will consider possible future application  of colloidal quantum dot light emitters in solar energy conversion, in the context of a new generation of luminescent concentrators.


About the Speaker:

Paul Alivisatos is the University of California (UC) Berkeley's Vice Chancellor for Research and Samsung Distinguished Professor of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. He is also the Founding Director of the Kavli Energy Nanoscience Institute (ENSI), and Director Emeritus of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and holds professorships in UC Berkeley's departments of chemistry and materials science. In addition, he is a founder of two prominent nanotechnology companies, Nanosys and Quantum Dot Corp, now a part of Life Tech.

Groundbreaking contributions to the fundamental physical chemistry of nanocrystals are the hallmarks of Dr. Alivisatos' distinguished career. His research accomplishments include studies of the scaling laws governing the optical, electrical, structural, and thermodynamic properties of nanocrystals. He developed methods to synthesize size and shape controlled nanocrystals, and developed methods for preparing branched, hollow, nested, and segmented nanocrystals. In his research, he has demonstrated key applications of nanocrystals in biological imaging and renewable energy. He played a critical role in the establishment of the Molecular Foundry, a U.S. Department of Energy's Nanoscale Science Research Center; and was the facility's founding director. He is the founding editor of Nano Letters, a leading scientific publication of the American Chemical Society in nanoscience.

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Chemistry Department
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