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Sessler Lectureship

About the Sessler Lectureship:

The Department of Chemistry received a generous donation in 1997 from Professor Jonathan Sessler of the University of Texas-Austin, establishing an endowment to support the Sessler Distinguished Alumni Lecture Series. Jonathan L. Sessler earned his Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1982, working under the direction of Professor James P. Collman and John I. Brauman. Sessler is best known for his pioneering work on "expanding porphyrins."

The Sessler Lecture is scheduled every two years, and alumni of Stanford University's Department of Chemistry are chosen as the speakers. Professors Jonathan Sessler (2001), Roger Kornberg (2003),  K. Barry Sharpless (2005), Andrew A.  Gewirth (2008), and Peter Dervan (2011), Daniel Gamelin (2013) and James Skinner (2015) have presented these lectures in previous years.

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