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Professor Long Cai, Caltech

Professor Long Cai, Caltech
Tue February 9th 2016, 4:30pm
Braun Lecture Hall
S.G. Mudd Building
Stanford University

"Single cell transcription profiling in situ by FISH SCALYS"

About the Seminar:

We have recently demonstrated a technology using sequential hybridization and single molecule FISH to multiplex a large number of mRNA molecules directly in single cells in complex tissue samples.  mRNAs in cells are barcoded by sequential rounds of hybridization, imaging, and probe stripping.  The number of barcodes available with this approach scales as F^N, where F is the number of distinct fluorophores and N is the number of hybridization rounds.  We call this method FISH SCALYS and it is conceptually akin to “sequencing” mRNAs directly in cells by FISH.  We will discuss application of this technology to brain sections, embryos, and human tissues.

About the Speaker:

Long Cai received his undergraduate degree at Harvard in Physics and Chemistry, working with Dudley Herschbach.  He obtained his PhD at Harvard with Sunney Xie working on single molecule detection of gene expression in living cells.  He conducted his postdoctoral work with Michael Elowitz at Caltech as a Beckman Fellow.  He has been an assistant professor at Caltech since 2010.