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Professor Jun Takaya, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Professor Jun Takaya, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Wed October 28th 2015, 4:30pm
Braun Lecture Hall
S.G. Mudd Building
Stanford University

"Heavier Group 14 Element-Based Pincer Type Complexes: New Catalysis for Efficient Transformations of Carbon Dioxide and Unsaturated Hydrocarbons"

About the Seminar:

Development of new multi-functional ligand for transition metal catalyst is an important challenge to achieve efficient synthetic transformations of unreactive molecules. We have developed new synthetic reactions of carbon dioxide and unsaturated hydrocarbons utilizing newly designed palladium catalysts bearing a group 14 element-centered pincer type ligand. Mechanistic investigations clarified intermediacy of an unprecedented η2-(Si–H)Pd(0) complex through fluxional behavior of the silyl ligand, which enables unprecedented bond activation/formation mechanisms.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Jun Takaya (born in 1977) received his PhD from Tokyo Institute of Technology under the direction of Prof. Nobuharu Iwasawa (2004). After a JSPS postdoctoral period (2004-05) with Prof. John F. Hartwig at Yale University, he was appointed to an Assistant Professor of the research group of Prof. Nobuharu Iwasawa at Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2005, and promoted to Associate Professor in 2014. His current research interests are mainly on the development of new transition metal complexes and their utilization in synthetic chemistry to achieve new molecular transformations. He received Incentive Award in Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan in 2013, the Banyu Chemist Award in 2014, and Thieme Chemistry Journal Award 2015.