Professor Alice Ting, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Professor Alice Ting, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Wed October 7th 2015, 4:30pm
Braun Lecture Hall
S.G. Mudd Building
Stanford University

"Spatially-Resolved Proteomic Mapping of Living Cells Reveals New Proteins and Functions in the Mitochondria and Neuronal Synapse"

About the Speaker:

Alice Ting is a Professor of Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She received her undergraduate degree at Harvard University, working with E. J. Corey, and her Ph.D. from U. C. Berkeley, working with Peter Schultz. After her postdoctoral training with Roger Tsien, Alice started her laboratory at MIT in 2002. She develops technologies for measuring and manipulating biomolecules and biochemical events in living cells. Her work has been recognized by awards from the McKnight Foundation, Dreyfus Foundation, American Chemical Society, Office of Naval Research, and Sloan Foundation. She has received the NIH Pioneer Award, the Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award, the Technology Review TR35 Award, and the Eli Lilly Award in Biological Chemistry.