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Organic Chemistry Seminar: Professor Pat Guiry, University College Dublin

Professor Patrick Guiry, University College Dublin
Mon June 24th 2024, 3:00 - 4:00pm
Sapp Center Auditorium 111

About the Seminar

Recent Adventures in Asymmetric Catalysis and Medicinal Chemistry

This presentation will describe some of our work research results in four distinct areas:

1. Pd-catalysed decarboxylative asymmetric transformations (allylic alkylation and protonation) for the preparation of a-aryl-containing quaternary and tertiary stereocenters;

2. The design and synthesis of novel ferrocene-containing diols and alcohols as novel scaffolds for asymmetric catalysis and interesting reactivities leading to the formation of a series of unexpected products.

3. The synthesis and biological evaluation of selected examples of synthetic analogues of lipoxins, a class of specialised pro-resolving mediators.

4. The design, synthesis and application of novel planar chiral N,O ligands (UCDImphanols) in zinc-catalysed (3+2) cycloadditions between azomethine ylides and a series of maleimides, acyclic enones and nitrostyrenes.

June 2024 Patrick Guiry Seminar

About the Speaker

Pat Guiry is a Professor of Synthetic Organic Chemistry and Head of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at University College Dublin, He leads a group of talented researchers who develop new catalysts and synthetic methodologies to prepare biologically interesting organic compounds, particularly those with anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. He is internationally renowned for his expertise in asymmetric catalysis, stereoselective synthesis, and medicinal chemistry.

Additional biographical details: B.Sc. University College Dublin (1986); Ph.D.(1990) from University College Dublin (supervisors, Dervilla Donnelly and Sir Derek Barton). Postdoctoral Fellow with John Brown FRS at the University of Oxford (1990-3). College lecturer at Wadham College Oxford1992-1993; College lecturer/director of studies at St. Hugh's College Oxford. Joined University College Dublin in 1993; Promoted to Senior Lecturer (2002), Associate Professor (2003) and Full Professor (2006) at UCD. Chief Executive of the Conway Institute at UCD (2004-5) and Director of the Centre for Synthesis and Chemical Biology (joint 2002-4 and solely 2005-present). Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and Institute of Chemistry in Ireland. Elected a Member of the Royal Irish Academy in 2013. Awarded the Boyle-Higgins Medal of the Institute of Chemistry in Ireland in 2014. Science Secretary of the Royal Irish Academy 2017-2020. President of the Institute of Chemistry in Ireland 2022-present; President of the EuChemS Division of Organic Chemistry 2022-present.

Host: Noah Burns