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CMAD Alumni

Alison Donnelly Axtman

Research Assistant Professor, UNC-Chapel Hill Eshelman School of Pharmacy

Alexander Barnes

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Washington University in St. Louis

Tim Brown

Studying Catalysis with Mass Spectometry

Kristen Brownell

Senior Chemist at Dow Chemical

Mark Christopher Capece

Molecular Mechanisms of Macrolide Antibiotics

Anthony De Crisci

Research Fellow, Department of Natural Resources Canada in Edmonton, Government of Canada

Graham Dick

Ph.D. Student in Chemistry, admitted Autumn 2011

Livia S. Eberlin

Research Fellow, Department of Natural Resources Canada in Edmonton, Government of Canada

Darren Finkelstein

Development of trifunctional covalent inhibitors patterned after the neurotoxin, (+)-saxitoxin, for studies of voltage-gated sodium ion channels.

James Flanagan

New Materials from Organic Wastes

Cornelia Flender

Applications Chemist at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Samuel Fretz

Improving Solar Cell Efficiency

Colin Harvey

Postdoctoral Scholar in Biochemistry, Stanford University

Andrew Ingram

Scientist III at Archer Daniels Midland Company

Aaron Kelly

Assistant Professor, Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada

Gert Kiss

Senior Scientist at Revolution Medicines

Lukasz Kowalik

Innovation Facilitator, Merck Group

Bolin Lin

Assistant Professor, Shanghai Technical University

Brian Loy

Associate Scientist at Dow AgroSciences

Chris Lyons

Scientist at Exponent

Mary Anne Manumpil

Ph.D. Student in Chemistry, admitted Summer 2013

Katrin Margulis-Goshen

Lab Assistant, Chemistry

Aaron May

Assistant Professor, Department of Medicinal Chemistry at Virginia Commonwealth University

Colin McKinlay

Ph.D. Student in Chemistry, admitted Autumn 2012

Paul Novick

Director, Therapeutics at Globavir Biosciences

Robert O'Brien

Impossible Foods, Redwood City

Richard Perry

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Jennifer Roizen

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Duke University

Gabriela Schlau-Cohen

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, MIT

Andrew Thomas

Research Chemist at Chevron Oronite

Brian Trantow

Strategy Consultant to the Pharmaceutical Industry, BluePrint Research Group

Dan Vanatta

Data Scientist at Lumity, Inc.

James R. Walker

Scientist at FLX Bio, Inc.

Lu Wang

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Rutgers University