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Stanford Chemistry Society

Launched in 2024, the Stanford Chemistry Society (SCS) is an undergraduate student community for Chemistry Majors with three core objectives:

  1. Social: To build a strong sense of community and cultivate lasting friendships amongst chemists in the undergrad community.
  2. Outreach: To promote the advancement of chemistry within the community through impactful science outreach initiatives.
  3. Professional Development: To provide its members with opportunities to learn more about various pathways for chemists. 

To achieve these objectives, members are encouraged to attend SCS meetings, events, and programs, as well as consider joining one of the organization's three sub-committees: Social, Outreach, and Professional Development. 

SCS endeavors to establish a strong community among undergraduates passionate about chemistry. We achieve this through a variety of engaging social events, such as pizza and pset study nights, dinners, movie screenings, and liquid nitrogen ice cream gatherings. Additionally, we are committed to giving back to the community by volunteering at homeless shelters and igniting young minds through science outreach at local elementary schools.

Moreover, SCS facilitates professional growth by hosting faculty luncheons, panel discussions, resume workshops, and networking opportunities with seasoned chemists in academia and industry. Through these initiatives, we aim to connect our members with like-minded individuals and expose them to diverse career pathways within the field of chemistry.

To learn more about the Stanford Chemistry Society and to be added to the mailing list, please contact: chemistry-scs [at] (chemistry-scs[at]mailman[dot]stanford[dot]edu).


Jennifer Schwartz Poehlmann


SCS Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Schwartz Poehlmann, Senior Lecturerer of Chemistry